California (2015)

The entire reason I decided to go to California was to meet a good friend of mine that I’d known since I was 12. We met on Neopets, of all places. And we’ve been great friends ever since (10 years), having never actually met in person. A plane ticket to Cali from Hawaii wasn’t all that expensive, so I figured why not! This would actually be the first time I had left Hawaii in almost 3 years. I arrived on December the 26th almost around sunset. I met a good friend of his who lives in Long Beach, and I got to take cool photos of the Performing Arts Center all lit up for Christmas!


Sadly, we got a parking ticket just for me to take these photos (where’s the aloha, brah?). The next day was spent hiking Griffith Park! I couldn’t fit my hiking shoes in my backpack, so I sacrificed my feet for the sake of Hollywood. Wow, that trail is fucking huge, too! We weren’t ever totally sure where we were going, and neither was anyone else on the trail, to be honest. I planned on hiking just in front of the sign, but we still had more to do in the day, and our feet were in a lot of pain. We settled for this.


Besides the sign, there really were some great views of the city and mountains from up there!

My friend wanted to show me Malibu at sunset, so we drove all the way out there to eat at Neptune’s Net. What a great little place to eat! And the beach was directly across from the restaurant. We finished eating just in time for me to get a photo of the famous Malibu Sunset.


We didn’t stay for too long, since it was extremely cold (for me, anyways). He took me to the Third Street Promenade, where I bought some stuff for his mom for letting me stay in their home. There were loads of seriously talented street performers and amazing light fixtures.


Check out those dinosaurs.

Our next day, we took a trip to Las Vegas to meet a mutual friend! The drive there was about five hours, and I finally got the chance to eat at Sonic (they don’t have them in Hawaii). We got back from Vegas early early in the morning the next day, and didn’t wake up until around lunch. My plane was in the evening, so we had just enough time to visit Little Tokyo.

I left on the 29th, feeling that I had accomplished something else I never thought possible: meeting my amazing friend! This guy has totally been there for me through so much shit (most of which I put myself through). I don’t know what I did to deserve having such a wonderful person in my life, but I’m so grateful regardless.



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