Kaua’i (12.19.15)

For my second day in Kaua’i, my hiking partner and I planned to hike the Na Pali Coast. On our way, we stopped at the Kilauea Lighthouse. We had the pleasure of meeting a nēnē bird – or a Hawaiian goose. They used to be on the verge of extinction before conservationists stepped in. The geese are now doing quite well on Kaua’i thanks to their efforts!


The views at the lighthouse were pretty cool! The lighthouse was nice, but I really did enjoy getting the chance to watch the waves beat against this cliff.


There are also two lookouts of the Hanalei Valley that we stopped to take photos of on the way to Na Pali Coast. Already you can see that the clouds are starting to roll in!


By the time we made it to the Na Pali Coast, it was raining pretty bad! We tried to wait around for it to stop, but it just seemed to get worse. We decided not to try, which was a real bummer since the views from the coast are really some of the most amazing in the world. We did stop by the nearby Kealia Beach on the way back!


The rain was pretty constant throughout the day, so we couldn’t hike anywhere else either. The good news is, this gave me enough time to get a tattoo haha!


“Break often – not like porcelain, but like waves.” – Scherezade Siobhan

I really loved this idea of it being okay to fall apart. Even though falling apart is tough, sometimes it’s necessary for you to become a better person. That while going through the process it might seem ugly, but in hindsight it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever done. That we should never stop falling apart and never stop trying to become something better.


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