Kaua’i (12.20.15)

My third and final day in Kaua’i started with me waking up at 4am to drive to the Waimea Canyon! I had originally wanted to do the Awaawapuhi Trail, but the trail was closed for construction. I ended up doing the Kukui Trail after stopping by the Waimea Canyon Lookout one more time around 7am. It was completely empty except for me, and getting to see the sun come up over the tip of the mountain was truly an experience!


Kukui Trail takes you deep into the mountain. It’s very steep and downhill, which meant it was very steep and uphill on the way back !! I didn’t have time to totally complete it, since I had to return my rental car around 11am. My photos of the Kukui Trail are some of my favorite photos of my trip to Kaua’i!


The trail starts off in a grassy area.


It eventually turns into a rocky, dirt trail!


View from inside the mountain.


Where I eventually had to stop, due to time constraints.

The trek back up wrecked the shit out of me haha! The heat (even early in the morning) combined with being totally uphill almost killed me. I had to rush out, though, to make it back to the rental car place in time. Before I turned around, I took a couple of selfies with a selfie stick a friend had given me for the trip. Needless to say, I’m definitely a selfie stick dummy.

Leaving the Kukui Trail concluded my trip to Kaua’i (if you don’t count the six hours I waited in the airport). I was so so happy with what I had done! My very first trip all alone, and I had successfully (1) not died (2) found a place to stay (3) made a new friend (4) seen some really cool and amazing things. This was also something else that I never imagined I’d be able to do or that I was even capable of doing. Too, this trip taught me how important planning is, because there was a lot that I could’ve seen if I had only made a more detailed schedule. Overall, though, this was a great first trip!


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