Las Vegas (12.28.15)

My friend from California and I decided to drive to Las Vegas to meet up with a mutual friend of ours. The drive there took about five hours, and it was really neat to see all the landscape Highway 80 had to offer. I think this was actually my first time in a desert.



Piss break.

The first thing that we did after meeting up with our friend (who is a bomb ass bitch, honestly) is check out the Nevada State Museum!


The gang.



I definitely suggest checking it out if you’re ever in the area! I did want to hike some in Las Vegas, but our time was limited, and plus it was cold as shit around this time of the year. Our next stop was the Bellagio! It was decorated for Christmas, and I really like the photos that I got of the decor.

26274636381_23800208d9_oAfter diving through a sea of tourists to get these photos, we went to the casino. This was my first time at a casino (yet another thing they don’t have in Hawaii). I tried to play blackjack. I didn’t do so well, so we played the penny slots instead! I actually won some money, beginner’s luck, I guess!

Besides visiting one more place, we did try to get seats at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Las Vegas. My friends decided it’d be cooler to eat at a big buffet place instead, so we left to go there. Unfortunately the line was out of the door, so we ended up eating at a small cafe instead. The “one more place” that we visited was Caesar’s Palace! I took a couple of photos there that turned out pretty cool.


Overall, Las Vegas was really fun! Would’ve been nicer if it wasn’t cold as shit, though. There were some really cool street performers here, too. We considered staying overnight in a hotel with the money we’d won from the slots. Ended up saving our money and making the four hour drive back to Cali in the middle of the night. I feel cliche saying “great trip, great friends,” but that’s really what it was!



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